paintings volume 6

As an abstract painter, I create contrasting systems of mark-making to reflect on the relationship between manmade, structured landscapes and naturally occurring forces.

The paintings in the series Avian Witness contemplate primordial forces—bird migration, magnetic fields, wind—and their juxtaposition with human activity. Source materials, some embedded beneath layers, include aerial landscape views, topographic maps, gestures of penmanship, and pen-and-ink drawings of birds.

Perpendicular linear shapes reference property lines, street grids, agricultural fields, etc., while superimposed swooping lines (from my drawings of birds in flight high above the earth) suggest an intrinsic natural framework for manmade activity.

By overlaying the geometric, color-filled slivers with curvilinear translucent strokes, a complex, polyrhythmic patterning emerges. The eye darts between the contrasting layers, which intersect almost randomly in an unplanned spontaneity.

In making these paintings, I envision how such opposing systems might coexist in a harmonious ecosystem.