Echo: Unspoken Dialects
July 14, 2016–October 2, 2016
Yellowstone Art Museum, Billings, Montana

Echo: Unspoken Dialects reveals the intersections between emotion and reason, and between ideas and concrete form. Language as the trail of memory is the focus of this exhibition. Echo features four leading Montana artists who use actual words, the traces of words, or the suggestion of language in their rich and varied works.

Recent works by Catherine Courtenaye, Kate Hunt, Michael Haykin, and Jerry Iverson comprise Echo: Unspoken Dialects. These four distinctive voices in the sea of contemporary Montana art practice employ the complexities of written language in combination with traditional and non-traditional painterly and sculptural forms. These words and non-words “echo” the voices of both past and present. They suggest the human compulsion to communicate, and each artist finds a unique path to discover meaning, joy, and wonder.